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Saturday, 25 August 2012 | 19:22 | 0 ChickyCherry
Hello earthings. This time I want you'll to meet my bestfriend in Convent first.Then, I'll let you'll know my bestfriends in SRA Kampung Kuantan. well yeah.


Sila sengetkan kepala anda. Firstly, meet my BFFAE, Nor Arissa Muhammad Yazid. Dia ni gila dekat DSLR. Lol I'm kidding kay Ari! She like to help me. sometimes maybe? and we do crazy things in school! like playing in PSS without permission. Hehe. bak kata cikgu, berpeleseran! And she's the one start the gossip about me and NAHRAF. We want to go to the same school when Form 1 which is MRSM Kuala Klawang.


Next , Nadhira Qasreena bt. Lutfi. She's so tall and thin. geng nerd's  like me because we wear the spec's only in the class. me, nadhira and aqilah have the same perseption about someone. SECRET.  She always covers me when I did not bring my homework or i did not finished it. and one more, nadhira is sooo kind! Thank you Nadhira!  Xx


Haaa, this! my crazy twitter friends merangkap bestfriends. Satu group dalam kelas with me ( group yg ditetapkan Pn. Haliza ) She knows one secret that others don't know. Hehe. Aku memang suka tiru kerja sekolah dari dia sebab duduk dekatt. Lol i've once fight with her last year but now we're bestfriends! Aqilah ni pengawas pusat sumber and kitorang suka lepak PSS masa rehat. Ada ketua! Haha.


Aliah!! this, Siti Nur Aliah, Iphone users. Satu-satunya pengawas yg jaga kelas yg sama dgn aku ( for std 6 ) . Dia pun ikut Arissa sebarkan gossip pasal aku and nahraf. And dia yang start lagu " Alisa janganlah sedih " Satu kelas tahu lagu tu kott! Popular aku. LOL perasan gila. She  was my ex-classmate in tadika and I meet her again in std 3. 


Sarah you look soo cute! Yeah, The one in purple is Sarah Diyanah. 13 , one year older than me.JIMMY. ex-student of SK Convent 1 and now student of MRSM Kuala Klawang, Negeri Sembilan. She's the Tokoh Kokurikulum of SK Convent 1 on 2011. Leader of The J's . We had fight more than once last year, i guess? But we are getting closer. I miss her so much! xo's

                                 Huda Adriana

Huda Adriana , 12 . She's my Convent 2 bestfriends like Sofea and Aina. JIMMA. I knew her in std 5, and we get closer on the TOV exam and during Kursus Organisasi Kelab & Persatuan. We were in one group that day with sofea too. She's hot , pretty and smart :) She looks like the twin of Sofea Nazira Ng.


This one is the Huda's twin and she's my bestfriend. Same like Huda, I knew her in std 5 and get closer during TOV exam and during the kursus. She's the one who choose me to be the leader for our group during the kursus. We went everywhere together that time eventhough our rooms were different. That was the best memories with them! Xo's

Sebenarnya ada lagi like Tasya, Tasia , Raja , Iffah , Nabilah and Aisyatul but I don't have much time to write about them. Thousands of sorry guys! 

So, that's all for my first convent bestfriends. Bye! 

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